bgon. The Mission.

To build the best trading platform for students in colleges and universities that is easy-to-use, well designed and focuses on relevant products for sale.

bgon. The Team.

Mackenzie Scott, CEO

Mackenzie recognized the need for a product that allowed students to buy and sell things they need most. What started as an idea while still in school turned into a company working every day to help students trade on their campus. When not working, Mac loves working out, playing hockey and collecting shoes- you might find some for sale on the bgon app.

Seyan Kumaresan, CTO

Having been a recent graduate, Seyan also saw the need for a student based marketplace. Joining bgon, Seyan became the CTO and leads the development team. When not coding at the office, he enjoys baseball, hockey and anything Christopher Nolan.

Wilson Scott, COO

Wilson partnered with Mac in the beginning when bgon was just a concept. Since then, he has helped turn the idea into a product. Wilson is around the office when he’s not at York University studying Economics. He loves hockey, working out and cryptocurrencies.

bgon. Join the team.

bgon is comprised of a dedicated team aimed at solving trading problems amongst students. We are constantly on the search for talented and passionate people to join the team as well as to collaborate with. Drop us a line at and we’ll get back to you.